Natural cures for Kidney Stones

9 Apr

Kidney stones can sometime re-occur often if you have them. This is why natural remedies for kidney stones is very important because medication and hospitalization can be expensive especially if your kidney stones keep coming back. You will find simple stuff that you can do that can help you eliminate kidney stones naturally. Things that you will require for natural treatments are all around inside the supermarket otherwise you may already have some of them in your house today.

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Lemon is one of the best natural remedies for kidney stones known. It has quite high citrate content. Citrate has been known and proven by experts to become a natural inhibitor with the formation of kidney stones in the body. Therefore, it is very good to drink freshly squeezed lemon juice as frequently as possible. It’s advised the concentration must be 120ml fresh lemon juice extract mixed with 2 liters of water for optimum results.

You could also mix lemon juice with essential olive oil. This really is among the remedies for kidney stones which will allow kidney stones pass within a day after drinking the mixture. A combination ought to be 2 oz of both fresh lemon juice and extra virgin olive oil combined with a glass water. This mix may be the kidney stone cure for many people.
Drinking lots of distilled water is an additional key factor for riding yourself of kidney stones. It is very important to excrete 2 liters of urine daily. Therefore, drink more water than you regularly caused by help flush out the kidney stones.

Onions is yet another great kidney stone remedy. All you need to do is get 2 medium onions and boil it in water. Then place the boiled onion within the blender and blend it. Strain the blended onion and drink the juice. Do that for 72 hours. You may feel that the kidney stones will begin passing on the next day. This kidney stone remedy spent some time working for many people.

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There are a few Chinese medicines like chicken bone grass that has been regarded as one of the natural treatments for gallstones and kidney stones. Just visit a Chinese drug store and inquire inside how to properly utilize this herbal medicine.

Drinking coconut water of the juice from the coconut will help in dissolving kidney stones. Also any kind of citrus fruits may help in
removing kidney stones within the body, nevertheless the best remains to be the lemon.

You can drink orange juice daily if fresh lemon juice just isn’t available for you just make sure that you simply drink the freshly squeezed one rather than the minute powdered variety.
Finally, it’s a good idea which you avoid alcoholic drinks, carbonated drinks and also vegetables like cabbage, tomato, cauliflower, spinach, etc. These are merely a few of the well known natural cures for kidney stones,